A Trip to the Moon – March 2016

When in Iceland there is of course many options for the adventurous, the thrill seeking and the curious. If you are all 3 of the above, or perhaps even just 1 of the above then ‘’a trip to the moon’’ on a 4×4 ATV is just the experience for you.

With a short comfortable drive direct from your hotel, your 4×4 Adventures Iceland expert will meet and greet you at the Blue Lagoon to then drive you a further 7-8 minutes into Grindavík a small fishing town famous for homing the Blue Lagoon but notable for providing 40% of Iceland’s salt fish (a must try! mmm!) this little towns lays off the rocky south coast of the Reykjanes peninsula.


Upon arriving to the 4×4/quad HQ, you are welcomed by the sight of many brightly coloured quads and dirt buggy’s and then inside by even more ATV experts. There is a great atmosphere among the team that work here, perhaps due to the fact that this is a family owned and run company by Sigurður and his sons Jakob and Kjartan who can always be found hanging around, even offering you a little cup of coffee to keep warm. Out trusty guide for the day was Jóhannes, this sturdy Viking began by showing us the ropes of how to operate the quad and going through the safety procedures, precautions and rules of play, amusing yet informative and professional. Then it was time to get armored up, warm clothing is an absolute must for this kind of activity however 4×4 Adventures Iceland will provide you with all gear required, warm overalls, rain overalls, safety boots, gloves (that are warmed up by the way!), balaclava and helmets for everybody.

Let the adventure begin, we got a spot at the back of the convey to ensure no one would crash into the back of us, and away we go! OK so as soon as you turn out of the HQ to get on the gravel road you will be hit by a strong smell of fish…they say this is the smell of money, this lasts only for about 5 seconds and then you begin to travel through beautiful landscape along the coast line where you will encounter many shipwrecks, all the wrecks are marked with signage detailing any information about the wreckage and date too me this is a beautiful yet eerie experience and gives you a real feel of the hardworking lives of Icelanders. From there onwards it on road and uphill for a bit. These quads are solid and you may often feel that at sharps turns it may tip, but they are sturdy at very safe. 4x4 atv
Throughout the 3 hour ride, you can see extreme changes in the landscape and terrain from driving on road to off road lava fields, to riding through a few feet of iced water to gliding across a sheet of ice surrounding by snowy mountains and also stopping at the beautiful black sand beach Seltangur to cruising up Þorbjörn mountain and getting breath taking 360 views of the Reykjanes Peninsula Geo-park.

The 4×4 Adventure Iceland guys offer flexibility with the length you can choose between 1, 2, 3 or even a full day safari. Either way you will not be disappointed or feeling energized, you can even stop at the Blue Lagoon on the way back to relax in the volcanic landscape after you spent the day exploring it.
Your adventure starts here!

Our top tips:

*Wear warm but breathable clothing. (Think sweatpants with thermal underwear)
*Bring a GoPro (You can even hire one for an additional charge)
*Get your own quad, for a small additional fee you can ride solo so you don’t need to hold on to the driver or miss out on any of the driving action.
*If you self drive stop off at Brygjann in Grindavík for hot chocolate after your adventure!

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